Antonella Amodio


From a degree in humanities to a wine storyteller, the step is short.


In between there is the passion for cooking, which he still cultivates, where he applies the techniques he learned following the courses of great masters of Italian cuisine, such as Gualtiero Marchesi. She is in love with nature and especially with aromatic herbs, so much so that she obtains a Masters in botany.


The encounter with wine, which took place more than twenty years ago, was dazzling. The passion has turned into work and for several years has had the privilege of cooperating with historic wineries on the world scene.


She has been a collaborator in several editions of wine guides, such as Bibenda and Gambero Rosso.


She is currently the reference for the Doctor Wine – Daniele Cernilli Essential Guide to Italian Wines for some regions of Southern Italy, including Campania, covering the role of “special” collaborator. In addition, he writes for the journalistic site DoctorWine and for the Wine blog Luciano Pignataro, as well as for the Touring Club Italia where he talks about itineraries and restaurants.


He loves his land madly, so much so that he never stops writing about it. And it is one of the reasons why he took part in the VINUM FABULAS project, in the narration of the story of a King who loved his wine produced on the hills surrounding the Royal Palace of Caserta so much that he had a coin minted to celebrate him.


Antonella, among the authoritative voices of food and wine journalism, as a taster has selected the best wine of Pallagrello FERDINANDO IV, has followed its production, knows every aspect of it so much that she can tell it as one does with a family story.


So that those who will have the opportunity to collect a piece of history, can also enjoy tasting a high quality wine, an excellence of Campania and Italian viticulture, a fairy tale within a fairy tale it tells.